GitHub Actions workflow getting stuck

Since yesterday, all my workflow runs in are getting stuck, for example here:

About 50 jobs complete successfully, while the other ~70 jobs (btw, the number of queued jobs is displayed incorrectly if you have more than 100 jobs queued) are not getting started at all (it says “Starting your workflow run…”).

Any idea what’s going wrong here?

Hi @marten-seemann,

Thank you for reaching this out!

I notice the workflow has been completed, and the latest workflow works, could you please kindly confirm whether the issue is gone?

Typically we can check github status website to confirm if there is any incident.


There was no entry for anything GitHub Actions-related on these days. However, it indeed looks like the problem disappeared now, so I guess we can close this. issue.

Hi @marten-seemann,

Thanks for your confirmation!

It could be a temporary issue, but if it’s reproduced again, and there is no incident related, you can directly ask private support here:, dev team will help to check and fix.