GitHub actions windows down


@github-support - you might have a problem here. I confirm I have same issue as @Yurunsoft

I’m having the same issue as well

Not sure if if helps, but python/cpython is also affected:

Found online and idle hosted runner in the current repository's organization account that matches the required labels: 'windows-latest'
Waiting for a Hosted runner in the 'organization' to pick this job...
Job is waiting for a hosted runner to come online.

Example of queued jobs:

It happened before.
See Hosted runners not picking up jobs - #10 by salexander6

It happens since a few hours, I also tried to change the build machine from windows-2016 to windows-2019 without luck…

Hey all, the engineering team is currently looking into issues facing Actions Windows builds right now. Actions are currently statused yellow :yellow_circle: so I’d recommend keeping an eye on the status page for this incident for updates!


It looks like Actions builds on Windows are affected by an ongoing Azure outage affecting Windows virtual machines.

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In my case, all 3 systems are currently down.

Looks like this incident has been resolved so your Windows builds should be working again now :green_heart: