Github Actions using for Iteration , version increment ,access sensitive information securely?

Hi team,

while I am researching on GitHub, it struck me to check possibilities on following things

  1. How to Iterate repository files? for example, if I have three .json files in different folders how to access it by iterating them?

  2. How to read JSON files to get the specific Key-Value Pairs?

  3. How to increment Major, minor, build numbers in the version to +1, or adding DateTime to the version for uniqueness.

  4. How to store sensitive information securely?

It would really help full and an eye-opener for starters like me in github actions.

Thanks in advance.

For 1 to 3, run steps can run any sort of script or binary that you like, so you can write the logic in any language you’re comfortable with. For short scripts that you don’t want to put in a separate file you can use an interpreter of your choice for the run step. If you like to work with Javascript, actions/github-script lets you use it for steps.

4 really depends on what kind of data and secure against what. If you’re thinking of credentials used in a workflow, Secrets might be what you need.

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Hi @airtower-luna ,

Thank you ! I am trying and have raised a query here for parsing files could you please help me here what mistake I did there ?