Github Actions unresponsive while splitting on push/PR action


In this PR: we’ve tried to split our testing so certain compilers are only tested when a PR is made, and another set of compilers are tested when there is a push to our main branch.

However, the Github Actions system for this PR just became unresponsive. There are three runners (ignore the Travis one, it’s unrelated):

Linux (ubuntu-latest, dmd-2.090.0)

Linux (ubuntu-latest, ldc-1.19.0)

MacOS (macOS-latest, dmd-2.090.0)

And it says [Expected — Waiting for status to be reported].

We don’t really know how to debug this. There is no console or log to see what went wrong with the .github.yml script. How do we debug this?


Hi @andrejmitrovic ,

I forked your repositories and repro on my side. This is due to the syntax error in your yaml file. You cannot just move the ‘push’ code down to split ‘push/pull_request’. Duplicated workflow in one metadata file is not supported. Please create a new workflow file for ‘push’ event.


I just removed the ‘push’ code part, and workflow starts then.


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