GitHub Actions: ubuntu 20.04: qt5 starting to look for


we have a nightly build running on GitHub Actions where we build an AppImage.
It used to work fine with the following virtual environment:

2021-07-14T22:45:31.0399113Z Environment: ubuntu-20.04
2021-07-14T22:45:31.0399682Z Version: 20210628.1

But it started failing with the following error:

ERROR getDeps: did not find library

in the latest run that uses the following virtual environment:

  Environment: ubuntu-20.04
  Version: 20210712.0

I’m pretty sure this is related to this change because there was no change in the code on our side and no change in appimage tool code either.

I suspect this comes from an update in Ubuntu Qt packages that makes something depend on this library, but I’m not sure which package exactly and I’m not sure how to investigate it more.

Any insight?