Github Actions: trigger on config.yaml to clone repository

I am trying to configure github actions which depend on a config file which has details about creating a repo( name, visibility,members) and triggers the action as soon this config file is checked in. I have found that it’s possible with a template repo but I want to use a file to define all details about repo. Is it possible with actions?

I imagine you could have a management repository and effectively make Issues into it asking the repository workflows to create additional repositories using a PAT with org privs.

Offhand, this Use Case feels better suited by a GitHub application.

Can you elaborate more? Any blogs/ links to support.

Here’s an app that does stuff to organizations:

I don’t actively use anything like this, I actually live in GitHub Actions. I just have a vague understanding of how the models work and it really feels like your Use Case is on the other side of a fence. – I’m fairly confident I could implement it using Actions, but, I’m also fairly confident I shouldn’t. (Not saying I wouldn’t, just that it feels wrong.)