Github Actions to trigger same event 3 workflows but in different timezone

In my company we have below situation-

  • Developer commit push to below 3 branch which are production release branches goes and deploy.
  1. release/au -> AWS AU server
  2. release/us -> AWS US server
  3. release/uk -> AWS UK server

As developer sit in sydney, push to final code happens in sydney timezone let’s say 9 PM.
Now once push event happens, the github actions starts and deploys to all 3 AWS region servers.
This is problematic where UK and US we don’t want to deploy but schedule to happen in US and UK 9 PM timezone.

So my question is how do I make github actions to run scheduled event based on push event.
Thank you.

This isn’t supported directly as far as I know, but the following things come to mind:

  • You can use the on: schedule trigger to let a workflow run at a specific time (although, it may get started later than what you scheduled it for). You could then check whether anything was pushed that should now be deployed.
  • You can create an environment and set it in your workflow under jobs.<job_id>.environment. You can enable the wait timer to run the workflow with a fixed delay, but that might not cut it for you. A manual approval might actually work better, as the US or UK staff can approve it when they are available, basically using this review feature as a queue.
  • You could use an on: push trigger or a webhook to inform some external service that you want to schedule a build, and let it trigger the workflow manually via workflow dispatch at the desired time. This could be a web service that you write and host, or perhaps a GitHub App hosted on some PaaS.