GitHub actions times out with no logs

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We鈥檙e experiencing an issue where our GitHub actions hang and time out (we have a 30m timeout).
This happens randomly, but more evident on Windows machines.
See example here:
test: add test timeout 路 netlify/cli@6f1024d 路 GitHub and the hang happens on this step:
cli/main.yml at 86168bb597c90299f02c5710e9302dafb4d5d7f1 路 netlify/cli 路 GitHub

I understand that this is probably something wrong with our tests, but the problem is that we can鈥檛 debug it since when the problem happens the logs are not showing up for the failed step Tests.
How can I get access to the failed step logs?

Tests Logs are also missing when I download the zipped logs

We鈥檙e still experiencing this issue consistently, see chore: release 3.12.0 by netlify-bot 路 Pull Request #2005 路 netlify/cli 路 GitHub

I鈥檓 going to try a different shell for windows (cmd instead of the default powershell) and see if that helps.

Changing the shell didn鈥檛 help. Neither increasing port limit and time wait delay cli/main.yml at 11f99ed9b06106bbaeaa5fbc51a794c9d52f9604 路 netlify/cli 路 GitHub

Hi @erezrokah, sorry for not getting a response to you in this thread about this. Looking into the errors it seems like there鈥檚 some strange issues going on with relation to provisioning runners that may require some specialist debugging by our engineers. If you haven鈥檛 done so already I鈥檇 suggest opening a ticket with our support team so they can directly dig into this, open issues with engineering, and discuss information that we may not be able to share publicly. Sorry again for the trouble you鈥檙e having here! I hope the private support team will be able to assist you better.

Woo, thanks for the reply @thomasshaped, I somehow missed it.

We鈥檝e not experiencing this issue any longer. I have a wild guess that the resolution came from us doing a better job cleaning up child process during our test suite.

I鈥檒l open a ticket if we encounter the issue again.

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