Github Actions stuck on pending

Hi everyone.

Recently, my Github actions created by Google Cloud build integration stuck on pending (for hours) even after the trigger completes.

This is happening to my two repositories.

Has anyone have similar issue, or managed to resolve this?

A prompt response will be highly appriciated.

Thank you


What runners are you using to run the jobs in your workflow? Self-hosted runners or GitHub-hosted runners?

If you are using the self-hosted runners, please check whether the needed self-hosted runners are Online and Idle status.

If the self-hosted runner is Offline status, you need to startup the runner on the machine where the runner is installed.
If the self-hosted runner is Active status, this runner is being used. The new triggered jobs need to wait for the available runner.
To view more detailed information about self-hosted runners, you can reference the official documentation below:

I am using Google Cloud Build Github integration.

It directly links my build tasks with the github repository.


From the the current information you shared, we are not clear how you configure the workflow in your repository.
If possible, please share your repository with us, so that we can check more detailed information to analyze the root cause.

My repository is not public. can you please share you email address so that I can add you as a collaborator?


You can share a simple demo that can reproduce the same issue in a public repository.

I’m seeing this too, did you find a solution / make progresss on this?

(Note: I’m not using windows anywhere)