Github actions: Stuck in "Expected — Waiting for status to be reported"

Hi everyone,

So I’ve just raised a Pull Request for a personal project, I left it about a day and came back but in my Pull Request it still shows for my unit test related unit test’s. For my unit test workflow actions it’s stuck showing “Expected — Waiting for status to be reported” as seen in the screenshot below.

Based on what I can see there are certain test’s aren’t running, no logs or no errors it just hasn’t run the remaining unit test’s.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going wrong, it would be great if someone could assist me with my issue.



Have those workflows been triggered for that PR? If a check is required but that check doesn’t get triggered (e.g. because of a path filter, or because it has been renamed) the “expected check” will block forever.

Yeah the action’s are triggered whenever a Pull Request is created.

There is no special filters within the job from what I can see in the workflow files, the only filters is the on: [pull_request]

Just in case I’ve done something unintentional here’s the link to the workflow action.

What’s a little strange is that when I go to the “Action’s” tab I can see all the workflow actions did in fact run (see screenshot attached below) however in the Pull Request I raised the status is still stuck in that “Expected - Waiting for status to be reported” state.

Screenshot of the “Actions” tab. FYI The Pull Request is called Styled-Components to Tailwind CSS

I don’t see any workflow runs by those exact names in the Actions tab of that repository, it and it looks like the “Application testing / Running React-Testing-Library and Jest tests” job has been changed to use Node 16 only now, instead of 12.x and 14.x.

I suspect you might need to update the list of required checks (jobs) in the repository configuration, at least if those changes to the jobs were intentional.

Hmm that is strange.

The last time I updated my project I swapped out the “matrix” functionality which can on version 12 and 14 though since then it’s been set to run on only v16 as seen in the screenshot


I’ve also updated the workflow action versions numbers as you suggested though the workflow actions are still behaving the same as before sadly.

Hmm seem’s like it’s wait for actions which simply don’t exist and haven’t for a while.

I can’t seem to find them in the “Actions” tab but it’s not appearing.

That’s exactly my point. Those jobs still seem to be configured as required in your branch protection rules, that’s what the “Required” label means. When you rename or remove jobs, you need to update any branch protection rules that use them.

I’m confused now.

The changes where I specify the “NodeJS” version were merged months ago.

I’ve just created a new Pull Request with the updated github actions and I’m experiencing the same issue with the " Styled-Components to Tailwind CSS" :confused:

I’m talking about branch protection rules. I can’t see exactly which rules exist in your repository (that’s part of the repository settings, so not available to me as a random other user), but I can see those checks are shown as “required” in the PR. That means there is a branch protection rule that says those jobs must have passed before the PR can be merged.

Configuration of branch protection rules is completely separate from your workflows. I assume that at some point in the past you’ve marked the previous jobs as required checks (step seven in the documentation, or search for “required status checks”). Once enabled, those jobs are required by name.

You’ve changed job names, so you need to update the branch protection rule: Remove the old jobs, so waiting for jobs that don’t exist any more doesn’t block merging. And ideally add your new job (the non-matrix one) to that gets checked.

Ah gotcha.

So even though I updated the workflow actions I needed to modify the actual branch rules which were still present.

Annoying but less learned.

Thank’s for sticking with me @airtower-luna

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