[Github Actions] Status Checks created on incorrect Check Suite Id

This repo has two identical workflows, one on push and one on a schedule. They both create a status check with the API. https://github.com/qawolf/actions-test

According to the Check Runs docs “GitHub automatically adds new check runs to the correct check suite”.

I would expect the check run to be placed with the same suite as the workflow run, however it is being associated to the same check suite as the workflow ran on the initial push.

See here: https://github.com/qawolf/actions-test/runs/277868722

This makes it not possible to create status checks for scheduled github actions.

If it is not possible to change the automatic behavior, it would be nice to provide the check suite id as a environment variable to the workflow virtual environment, and allow passing the check suite id as part of the create check run API. So that the check run can show up in the UI in the right place.


I’m seeing the same, where check runs created manually during an action workflow seems to be associated with a random suite, making it hard to keep things organized when we have multiple separate workflows.


Any chance we could get an update on this? We would love to add Status Check support to QA Wolf but do not know how to handle the scheduled behavior.



Any update or explanation on this? 

I’m also experiencing this problem.  https://github.com/reviewdog/reviewdog/issues/403


We also need this feature, any updates so far?

Bump. This occurs for us as well. Same issue as https://github.com/reviewdog/reviewdog/issues/403

Any solutions or workarounds are appreciated.

Another related issue: https://github.com/reviewdog/action-brakeman/issues/5

There are a few workarounds depending on what you need to do.

In my case, I need to update the status of an existing check run instead of creating a new one. To do that, I get the existing check runs for the commit, filter them by name to find the appropriate check, then update the check run with my changes.

If you need to do something with a suite, get the suites for the commit, then find the contained check runs and update as needed. (I can’t post links for this part since new users are limited to two links…)