Github Actions says I've hit my spending limit, but I haven't?

I noticed my workflows were failing in a private repo after a push this morning, so I went to investigate. I see the following error:

“The job was not started because the spending limit for Actions and Packages has been exceeded.”

Okay, fine, I had set a rather conservative spending limit to see when I would hit it. So I browse to my billing settings, where I observe:

As depicted (besides the UI bug shown in terms of the quota reset), shouldn’t my workflow run fine? It was previously set at $20.00 monthly, which should also be fine, but I bumped it to $40.00 just to be sure, and it still won’t run.


Small update: Even if I completely unlimit my spending, it still won’t execute, it only produces the same error about my spending limit being exceeded.

@sgammon Please also check if the spending limits for  GitHub Packages and Storage for Actions and Packages have been exceeded.

More details about billing for GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages, you can reference the below docs:

Managing billing for GitHub Actions
Managing billing for GitHub Packages

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be storage either, but I immensely appreciate the help :frowning:

I recommend that you can reference the Contacting support to report your problem here ( GitHub Support ). That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team.

I’ve done that. Unfortunately, I got no response and it has been 3 days, so I switched off Actions in favor of Buildkite and GCP. Sorry, we can’t do more than 2 days without builds, it was blocking any merges.

I have the same issue.

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Same for us!
We only use GitHub Actions, so no use of packages or LFS. We see that our Actions minutes will be reset in a negative amount of days, what can we do about it ?
Thanks in advance

Same here my repo hit the quota, then added spending limit. However all actions are still stuck and complaining "“The job was not started because the spending limit for Actions and Packages has been exceeded.”
I sent github support a ticket too. Have they replied to anyone about this issue?