Github Actions "runs-on" all runners in a runner group


Is it possible to run a workflow on all self-hosted runners grouped by “Runner Groups” using matrix strategy?
For example:

    runs-on: ${{ matrix.runners-group }}
        python-version: [3.7.x]
        runners-group: [ nonprod-api ]

The issue:
We have an app running in instances behind load balancer and those instances also have self-hosted runners running. We are looking for ways to deploy a version of the app to all the instances behind the load balancer.

Using runners to manage the hosts running the runners (so much running! :smile_cat:) is not a good approach. It’s better to use an automation tool to manage those hosts. E.g. with Ansible you could run a playbook that deploys your application to all the hosts. That way a single runner to run the automation tool can update all hosts.