Github Actions resources - can be changed?

Can github actions VM resources be changed? the CPU, RAM etc

the Actions workflow runs-on: ubuntu-latest

The issue I am facing is choppy recording of a Cypress testing video, it is being blamed on resource allocation to the VM that the tests run on in CI. Can this be adjusted?

J Maddox (

Jun 22, 2022, 12:23 PM EDT

Hi Dale,

When a test runs for a long period of time, its commands and the application itself might allocate more memory than available, causing the crash.

Your local machine most likely allots more CPU usage than Github Actions, so the 32 CRF default compression that Cypress uses is sufficiently clear on your local environment but not when fed through the CI’s restrictions. Many CI providers will default to CPU that is below the recommended CPU to run Cypress, so you may have to update your default resources. A workaround for this could be to modify the videoCompression like the example linked here.

One way to increase the video quality in the Dashboard would be to split the spec files so that run in under one minute each. I have provided a link on common causes for dropped frames and video freezes to provide further detail.

Please let me know if the information provided was helpful in explaining the cause and giving a solution for how to receive the video quality you are expecting in CI.


Success Engineer at Cypress