GitHub actions reported but not created: PR waiting for their status in vain

I have Dependabot and Kodiak installed on my public repos.

Today I noticed that Dependabot created a lot of PRs that are not yet merged by Kodiak.

Analyzing the problem, I saw that the actions are not queued and so Kodiak is waiting for the status of actions that will never run as they simply don’t exist.

Should have I to wait more, or there is something going wrong on the infrastructure?

You can see an example of what I’m saying in this repository: [PHP]: Update phpstan/phpstan requirement from 0.12.69 to 0.12.70 in /vendor-bin/phpstan by dependabot · Pull Request #108 · Aerendir/monolog-html-line-formatter · GitHub

As you can see, there is the message " Some checks haven’t completed yet" but then, going in the actions tab, the corresponding actions simply don’t exist.

May be this related to this issue? GitHub Status - Incident on 2021-01-28 04:21 UTC

:wave: Hey @aerendir,

Are you still seeing this issue or was it intermittent?

It looks like the PR you’ve linked has already been merged.