Github Actions - Read timeout while executing a backup (when scheduled only)


Maybe someone can help me out with an issue i am facing.
I am using github actions to trigger all kind of backups and upload generated tar files to an S3 bucket.
Everything works like a charm, all workflows are correct, files are compressed in tar archives and uploaded to a S3 bucket.
I have a specific issue with one of the workflow that backup an Airtable DB.

when this workflow is set on push it works, when it is sheduled it fails everytime with a read timeout after 5s like if the airtable DB is not accessible.
Rerun the workflow is always ok, triggering this workflow manually is always ok.
So there is no problem on the variable side nor the Airtable API limitation, it keeps failing when it s triggered through scheduled option in github actions.

I am not sure if the problem is linked to github actions or Airtable service, as the issue is always READ Timeout.

If someone as a clue about how to debug this situation, this would be great.
The airtable-export utility has no timeout option and the maximum verbose is READ TIMEOUT after 5s.



Hi Klems, it will be a bit hard to debug without gaining some insights into the actual workflow code. Any chance you can share a link so I can browse those?

Another thing to consider is that perhaps during scheduled runs some configuration/environment variables are not available to it?