GitHub Actions override status checks

I use statuses API and create statuses to analyze our builds. It was working smoothly in Travis CI. But now after I migrated the same job to Github Actions I’m facing weird issues. Status checks are overriding each other, despite I pass a unique context.

Here is what I have as soon as status check sent from GitHub action job

After the jobs are finished, previous checks are gone and fully overridden

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?

Hi @godban,

If your status check sent from Github action job, and use pull_request event as a trigger, new workflow started and the status check will be overridden, it’s by designed.

If you use postman with a PAT to create a commit status(or use other workflow to create commit status,eg: push on master branch), the status check will not be overridden with different context.


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Alright, so github.sha in pull_request is not referring to exact commit, so I switched to github.event.after and it works :partying_face:

@weide-zhou thanks for pointing