Github actions organization self-hosted runners edless loading

Cant’t add self-hosted runner to organization. Endless loading.

Hi @io112,

Is this still happening? Can you share the organization where it’s occuring? or email me mscoutermarsh AT github.


Yep, here it is

Thanks, will get someone to look into this.

Hi @io112 ,

Just to confirm is org level self-hosted runner ok for you now? If not, it’s recommended to ask private support here:

Hi @io112,

I looked into this and found the problem.

A temporary work around you can try: In any repository in your org, if you trigger a hosted Actions run (could be a blank workflow). Then the self-hosted page should start working again.

We’re working on a permanent fix for this.

By the way, is it possible you recently transferred any repositories into this Org?


Thanks, i already solved problem by adding self-hosted runner in one repository and delete it.