Github actions on schedule executed in delay

The start of my workflow yml is like this:

    # UTC time
    - cron: "25 00 * * *"

It is now 00:53 UTC, and still the workflow has not begun!
What is wrong?

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Per here: Cron Tab Guru it looks right. Might have been a race conditional as far as timing and the new year.

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If the issue persists again tomorrow, please ping me here.

Indeed the issue persists even today. This is the link to the workflow

Hm, that looks like a different on schedule.

Check out CronTab Guru again.

The cron notation is not the problem. The above says execute at the 1st, 15, and 30th of each month at 09:40. So, since today is the 1.1.2021 it should have been executed. Am I missing something?

It seems to be a problem with GitHub.