Github actions not working on private repo

Github actions as simple as on:push stopped working on many of our private repos. The problems started after this incident: GitHub Status - Incident with GitHub Actions

It seems it’s not fully resolved.


Same issues here. Push on private repos not trigger any github actionworkflow

We’re having the same issue as well, using a self-hosted runner.

Tried upgrading the actions runner & also regenerated the PAT. Github detects that the runners are available, but they don’t seem to be able to take any jobs.

Same for me.

New created repos are not affected.

Repos with ci previously configured aren not triggered

We are experiencing the same problem with 2 repositories out of 3.

Hi @pbenini @kasparasgecas @DuncanGener8 @BitPan @adityapatadia ,

Sorry to hear that you’re facing issues using Actions. I’ve reported it to the engineering team to review and update. You may check the status on

Thank you for your patience.


We are also seeing the same thing on a couple of repos. Raised an ticket.

This has become big issue as pipelines are stuck since more than 3 days. We rely on CI to deploy to production every few days.

Github SLAs are not available on either support, repo or actions. We migrated to Bitbucket where they provide much better support and SLAs. The task is long but we assessed internally that it’s worth it.

Hi all,

Just in case anybody else here didn’t get a update. I got feedback on my support ticket last night, and it appears that the issue is resolved, for me at least:

I have been updated that the issue affected imported repositories, it has been fixed now.
You should be able to trigger Actions now. Kindly write back if you are still experiencing this issue.
I hope this helps, please let us know if you need any further assistance.

I guess that this is the incident in question?

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