Github Actions not showing the list of actions

It doesn’t show the title and hence I can’t even see the whole job itself since the title is the only link to open it.

@piyush97 ,

Please try the below steps to see if the titles of the workflow runs can be loaded to show:

  1. Refresh the Actions page.
  2. Open this page on different web browsers.
  3. Check whether other team members of this repository have the same issue on their side.

In addition, when you move the cursor to the blank where the title should be displayed, you can try clicking on the blank to see if you can open to view the jobs of the workflow run.

Any progress, please feel free to let us know.

Everyone in the team is facing the same issue even with trying all the 3 solutions you mentioned.

@piyush97 ,

I will help you report this issue to the appropriate engineering team.
Please share your repository with us, so that the engineering team can check more details in your repository to analyze the root cause.

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It’s a private repository

@piyush97 ,

All right, I have helped you report this issue to the appropriate engineering team, they will discuss and investigate this issue. If they have any update, I will notify you in time, and sometimes the appropriate engineers may directly reply you here.

This should now be fixed, sorry about that.

@piyush97 ,

As the appropriate engineer has mentioned, they have fixed this issue now. Please check whether the problem has gone on your side.

If you have any quesion about this ticket, feel free to tell us.

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