Github Actions not showing any defined workflow


I hv create a workflow yml file  on .github/workflows to build openwrt .

But Github Actions not showing any defined workflow.

repo url:

Pls help. Thx!

Some events will only trigger workflow if they are on the default branch (which normally is ‘master’), as can be read in Events that trigger workflows in the GiHub Actions help docs.  I noticed this when reading this discussion in this forum.

Hint: this info is in the notes “This event will only trigger a workflow run if the workflow file is on the master or default branch.” in the documentation.

Hi @mebest100 ,

The repo url cannot be accessed, is it private or deleted?

According to your info provided, please kindly check below points:

  1. Please confirm you trigger the workflow in the ‘correct’ branch.

For example, if you define ‘push’ event in master, confirm new commits are pushed to master branch while not other branches.

  1. Some events can only be defined on default/base branch, eg: issue_comment, you can put the yaml file in master branch for check. More details please refer to official doc here.

Please share your yaml file for further investigation if it persists on your repo. Thanks.