GitHub Actions Not Run on PR Generated by GitHub Actions

I’ve found a dozen or more posts talking about GitHub Actions not running on forks or other kinds of PRs. That’s not my problem. 

TL;DR: PR created by github-actions bot  does not trigger PR workflows. PR created by a human does trigger PR workflows.

  1. I have an auto-update workflow: which updates the packages for a repository

  2. It creates a new PR if there were any changes (in a local branch)

  3. It works and creates a PR like this one:

  4. But the workflows for labeling the PR and auto-assigning the PR are not run

Should this be this possible? =)


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Looks like you are using the create-pull-request action I created. If you check the README there is a note about this.

Note : If you want pull requests created by this action to trigger an on: pull_request workflow then you must use a Personal Access Token instead of the default GITHUB_TOKEN. See this issue for further details.


Thanks, Peter! Yes, using your action (forked for security). I missed that note. Good looking out. 

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