Github Actions not being triggered on Draft PR

I’m my current project we are using a lot the new Draft PRs, however we just move from Circle CI to Github Actions, everything is working fine except that the Actions are not being triggered when creating a Draft PR, I’m not sure if there is a special type for this event or if it should happen on  PR opened


    types: ['reopened']  

The reason because I don’t have opened in the types is because, push includes opening a PR, putting opened in the PR types trigger the action twice.

Thanks in advance

Well, I have anlyzed my entire workflow, and the problem is more about triggering the Github Actions when a user that hasn’t signed up for the Github Action Beta, creates a PR from his/her fork to the main repo, the actions are triggered when the PR gets merged but not when is created (normal o draft), updated (push) or reopened and is coming from a fork

We’re looking into it.

Is there a workaround? It seems that this happened here as well.

From the workflow:

    branches: [ '*' ]
    branches: [ '*' ]

Hi there,
Any news no this one? Is it intended behaviour?
I’m experiencing a similar issue on a private repo. Let me now if I can help by sharing details.