Github Actions Not Able to Find File

So here’s an image of my actions, as you can see a dart file is exported to ~/smartLicenses (a linux ELF binary), then I try to use SCP to upload it (with the ~/smartLicenses being the file) and it refuses to work. Here’s my full Action


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: dart-lang/setup-dart@v1

      - name: Install dependencies
        run: dart pub get
      - name: Analyze project source
        run: dart analyze

      - name: Build Package
        run: dart compile exe bin/smartLicenses.dart -o ~/smartLicenses
      - name: Setup SSH
        uses: kielabokkie/ssh-key-and-known-hosts-action@v1.2.0
          ssh-private-key: ${{ secrets.SSH_CERT }}
          ssh-host: ${{ secrets.SSH_HOST }}
      - name: Upload Package
          SSH_USER: ${{ secrets.SSH_USER }}
          SSH_HOST: ${{ secrets.SSH_HOST }}
          LOCATION: ${{ secrets.LOCATION }}
          COMMAND: ${{ secrets.COMMAND }}
        run: |
          "scp ~/smartLicenses $SSH_USER@$SSH_HOST:$LOCATION"
          "ssh $SSH_USER@$SSH_HOST $COMMAND"```

As a first step, I would add something like ls -lah ~ to the build and upload steps to see what is actually in the user dir. Maybe your file gets deleted by the SSH setup action somehow? Or does the dart compiler place the file somewhere else for some reason?