Github actions multi repository checkout

Hi there,

My project uses microservices architecture and each microservice is kept in a seperate repo.
But there is a container repo, which offers a foundation to share config files etc and to build, test all microservices together as a system.

With github actions, if i use ‘actions/checkout@v2’ to download the base repo in one step and download a microservice repo in the next step, it deletes the previously downloaded repo and then replace it with this, is there a way i can download multip repos in sequence and able to see all the source code together to build the final system - because of the dependency in nature ?

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You can do this by specifying different directories for the different directories using the path parameter. See the example Checkout multiple repos (side by side) in the actions/checkout Readme.

Thanks @airtower-luna, it allowed me to get both repo at the same time like below

but the restriction in path is, it needs to be under the “/home/runner/work” is there a way i can checkout the repo to the go src directory ?
/home/runner/go/src/ ?