GitHub Actions - MacOS Agent Failures

We are currently seeing issues with MacOS agents in GitHub Actions:

We get this message: This check was cancelled

And the following annotations:

  • An error occurred while provisioning resources (Error Type: Failure).
  • GitHub Actions has encountered an internal error when running your job.

Any help is apprecited, is anyone else getting this error?

What we’ve tried

  • Re running the job
  • Checked build minutes has enough capacity
  • Ran with empty yml file

Yes, I think I’m seeing the same thing.

What we were seeing may not be exactly the same issue after all. Similar symptoms though.

In our case, it looks like the problem stemmed from running make -j $(nproc) VERBOSE=1 in the build script. This worked fine on Linux, but on macOS, make ended up trying to compile as many as ~100 files at once, using clang. Then I would get the message about GitHub Actions encountering an internal error. I suspect that the GHA runner agent VM simply ran out of RAM and crashed.

To fix this issue, I changed the make line to make -j $(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN) VERBOSE=1. (Taken from . So far, this seems to work on both Linux and macOS, and it got rid of the “internal error” message.