Github actions keep running for 3 days after jobs failed

My actions keep running for 3 days after one job failed, this is my actions page:

I run my actions on Macos enviroment,  it failed after running a couple of minutes, However its status keep in progress for more than 3 days till I cancel it by myself. I have two confusion:

  1. I can’t find this action in workflows search,and it tell me that it will be ignored since log searching is not yet available.
  2. why this actions keep running after failed.

am I do some thing wrong?

Hi @shinny-hongyan ,

I checked your workflow run. 

For your first question, currently only some keywords are supported in the search box. Search with commit id is not supported. 

search keywords.png

I could see the workflow run when I select “MacOS Test” at the left workflows name list :

For your second confusion, I would recommend you submitting a private support ticket. You could contact to Github engineering team directly by contacting GitHub Support .

Thanks for your response. and it help me . I will accept your reply as solution later.