Github Actions: Inconsistent repo checkouts across jobs

We’ve encountered an issue where jobs within a single Github Actions workflow get different checkouts of the repo, note the different merge commit SHAs between these 2 jobs in a single workflow run:

I believe this order of events is the root cause:

  1. job1 runs actions/checkout

  2. master branch changes

  3. job2 runs actions/checkout

Is this expected behavior? Is there any way to guarantee all jobs within a single run of a workflow get the same copy of the repo?

A secondary priority is a clear way to choose whether we want to test merge commits on PRs, but testing consistent code across all jobs is far more important.

Filed a related issue in the actions/checkout repo, as it wasn’t originally clear to me whether this was an issue in Github Actions in general or specifically in checkout/actions:

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Thank you for being here and apologies for the delay in response. Thanks for opening the issue on the actions repo, at this time I don’t have any updates but wanted you to know the team is checking those issues and will reply as soon they can. Thanks again!

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