Github Actions: How to Access the Local .exe file into my github actions

Hi Team,

I have a scenario here like this, I have to build a .nupkg using a commandline.exe application out of my project.json file.

run |
cd c:\programe files\application
commandline.exe build project.json version 1.0.0

Unfortunately, I cannot access the commandline.exe from GitHub Actions, throwing unable to locate the file. I have tried to run using PowerShell script, javascript, etc. but no use.

I have to use the commandline.exe to build my project. Any help would be really appreciable. Thanks in advance.

Workflows run in a virtual system somewhere in the cloud (unless you use a self-hosted runner) and can’t access your local machine. You need to install that application each time as part of the workflow before you can use it. If it’s a small and portable binary then you could consider committing it to your repository, granted that the license permits this.

thanks for the response, this may sound silly !

Can I use NuGet feed repository? to get build version of my nuget.

NuGet is pre-installed on GitHub-hosted Windows runners:

You may use it to install packages as needed.