Github Actions GITHUB_EVENT_PATH does not contain relevant PR information

Hey there,

Been having a super great time with github actions until I’ve hit this weird issue where the json payload contained within $GITHUB_EVENT_PATH environment variable didn’t contain any relevant information about the associated PR.

This leads to some funky things, like being unable to assert PR labels or the PR number when using the provided “actions/bin/filter”.

Is there a way to solve this asides from manually trying to fetch the PR data via the API?


The file pointed by the $GITHUB_EVENT_PATH env variable contains the same information than the corresponding webhook event. You can check the reference here

Any additional information needs to be programmatically fetched using the API. You can authenticate against the API using the $GITHUB_TOKEN.

Adding PR information to some endpoints and webhook events is in our radar, but we don’t have an estimated release date for these changes, sorry.

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