Github-actions-for-ci stucked on step 1

I created the Node.js workflow and created a PR, but the github-learning-lab-bot didn’t respond after that.

Am I missing something?

I hit the same issue. It looks like an update to the node.js starter workflow template broke some of the assumptions the learning-lab bot is expecting before it adds comments to the PR.

I found someone who was able to complete the tutorial previously and used their node.js template:

This at least has allowed me to make progress, unclear if there will be additional hurdles.

This would be a good opportunity for github to have CI builds running on their learning bot code. :slight_smile:


I also got stuck after step 1, they need robots to test robots :slight_smile:

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Thanks for diagnosing the issues. I’ll make sure this get’s tracked at the course level.

Unfortunately its not CI at the bot level that would solve this. Learning Lab courses are essentially two different pieces, the bot that handles the events and the content we write which is a series of markdown files at the end of the day.

So to CI content becomes as completely different challenge in which we are beginning to work on now.

If you happen to have ideas on ways to accomplish CI for markdown files please head over to the repo for this course and chat with us there! The course repo is open source and we absolutely welcome any contribution you would like to make!

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This is the issue in the course’s repository.

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Hi All, this could be a temporary solution or help lead with next steps to resolving this issue:

Try removing the period between node.js in the yml file name as shown here in Step 1 in part 3, before you commit the workflow to a new branch.
Rename it to just: nodejs.yml

I think the period confused the file type and the learning bot.
Steps 2 & 3 showed up for me after this change.

Will also mention this in the issue in the course repo, thanks :slight_smile:!


I was able to continue the course following @lijenn 's instructions.

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Thanks, @lijenn. It worked here too.

But I’ll check if I can contribute to fix that in the repo as the @mattdavis0351 suggested.