github-actions-for-ci stuck on step 6


I’m doing the lab github-actions-for-ci and I’m stucked on step 6 (waiting reply from pull request).

Tried to do the lab two times and I had this behaviour both times.


Tiago Bernardo

Hi @tasb! I’m not sure why the course got stuck, but I’ve manually moved you on to the next step.  You can find the instructions for your next step in this issue.  You should be on track to finish the course from here, but if you have any other problems, please let me know. 

Now I’m stopped on step 12. Seems that when PR finished my course doesn’t do the next step (next issue).

Can you please help on this?


Just to give an update and share what I’ve found.

I’ve two emails configured on my account. When I finish the PR if I use my initial email (with which I created my account) everything works fine. 

If I use the other one the lab doesn’t proceed. Even (and is that my case) the second email is mark as principal in the account right now

@tasb , thank you so much for your persistence and also for this feedback. That is definitely unexpected behavior, and something that I will pass along to the engineering team. Thank you! 

@tasb I have a question - when you say you use an email to finish a PR, what do you mean? Do you mean that you are commiting with that account as the committer, and changing the committer changes the behavior of Learning Lab?

HI @brianamarie thanks for yout follow up.
So I’m talking about this option:

The @g email was the email with which I created my account. The @m was added previously.
This how I have my emails configured on my profile settings:


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