Github-actions-for-ci stuck on step 5

I’ve got a failure on something I can’t figure out what I did wrong!

FAIL __test__/game.test.js
    ✕ Contains the compiled JavaScript
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I’m also stuck on this step. I’ve spend almost 2 hours now trying to solve this issue and even restarted the training from the start with no luck. This is not the first time I ran into issues where the instructions aren’t clear.

Try the following:

  • Make sure line 4 of src/game.js reads: this.p2 = p2
  • In the change you’re making in src/game.js , make sure you’re using the same amount of indentation as the surrounding lines
  • Ensure you didn’t edit any unexpected files. This PR should only contain changes to src/game.js , .github/workflows/node.js.yml , and __test__/game.test.js .
  • If all fails, read the logs! They’ll contain the most context-specific troubleshooting information. Click on “Details” in the merge box below, or go to the Actions tab directly.

I had the same problem.
I got around it by commenting/deleting that specific test in game.test.js as well as deleting the game.test.js.snap file


Thanks for sharing your experience as well.
To me it sounds it’s not a GitHub related issue, it sounds more related to js development. My friend did this training 3 weeks ago and it was running fine. He ran the same code again and it failed now.