Github-actions-for-ci stuck on Step 4

Hello GitHub Community,

I’m doing the lab github-actions-for-ci, and I’m stuck on step 4 (Read an Actions log).

Currently, it keeps replying with ‘Reading failed logs’ and for me to make changes to the ‘game.js’, which I have already done. I’ll post the passed logs below:

PASS test/game.test.js
✓ Contains the compiled JavaScript (3 ms)
✓ Initializes with two players (1 ms)
✓ Initializes with an empty board
✓ Starts the game with a random player
✓ Inserts an ‘X’ into the top center
✓ Inserts an ‘X’ into the top left
✓ Sets the current player to be whoever it is not (1 ms)
✓ Wins if any row is filled
✓ Wins if any column is filled (1 ms)
✓ Wins if down-left diagonal is filled
✓ Wins if up-right diagonal is filled

It seems to not detect that I’ve already made the correct changes to the ‘game.js’ file since the workflow is successfully running. Can anyone assist and let me know if there’s something I am missing?

After reviewing other topics relating to getting stuck on the course, it looks like I may have to have the course advanced manually:

Thank you,
Nicholas Hickam

(Maybe cause this might be in play)

Apologies, can you elaborate on what system logs you have provided? That screenshot looks like it’s referring to a different topic entirely about network support info for LTE VoPS and LTE Emergency bearer support. Did you post the right screenshot?

I carefully reviewed Step 4 in the ‘github-actions-for-ci’ course, and the goal is as stated:

Read an Actions log:
Tell the bot which test is failing so we can fix it

If you go to the link I provided above (here as well), it shows that I’ve commented multiple times which tests are failing. The bot replies:

Make the changes suggested below. I’ll respond when the workflow runs.

I got all 11 tests to pass and the workflow runs perfectly, so I don’t see what the problem is. Here’s the only thing that shows below the bot’s reply:

:x: Review required - At least 1 approving review is required by reviewers with write access.
:white_check_mark: : All checks have passed
:x: Merging is blocked - Merging can be performed automatically with 1 approving review.

Is the problem that I need someone to review and approve the code? Step 4 in this course simply wants me to identify the failing tests, which I did, and to make the necessary changes to get the tests to pass successfully, which I also did.

EDIT: I was looking through the pull request and I found that the file changes I made are awaiting approval, however since I am the pull request author, I cannot approve my own pull request changes. See article where another user is having the same issue.

Now, I did have to close a pull request due to the bot expecting a pull request with a specific name and I did create the desired pull request which the bot followed. Would this be the cause of the issue I’m encountering?

EDIT 2: I fixed the merging issue by deleting the ‘main’ branch protection rule in my repository branch settings. This was the rule that was causing the file changes to have to be approved before being able to merge into ‘main’. I’ve re-added that rule after merging the branch to prevent any accidents from occurring to the ‘main’ branch in the future. However, the bot is still stuck it looks like.

Nicholas Hickam