Github-actions-for-ci stuck on step 13

I’m currently on step 13 in the lab. I successfully merged the pull request to test against multiple targets, have a dedicated test job and to access build artifacts. The github-learning-lab posted I'll respond when you merge this pull request but has stopped replying. Could you please get me unstuck so I can complete the course?


@gowthamgoli I marked the step manually completed for you, but you’ll need to open a PR titled “A custom workflow” at this stage with a base branch of master and a head branch of team-workflow, and once that PR is open the next steps are:

  1. Create a new file .github/workflows/approval-workflow.yml , on this branch
  2. Enter a name for your workflow in the new file, something like:
    name: Team awesome's approval workflow

I’ll respond when you commit to this branch.

It may be easier to restart the course.