GitHub Actions failed

I have tried to perform two actions and both of them are failed with the same error: 

failed to solve: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to solve with frontend dockerfile.v0:
failed to build LLB: executor failed running [...]: buildkit-runc did not terminate sucessfully

How to fix it? Thanks.

@xavier-niu ,

Could you please help to confirm the following things:

  1. Whether these action could run successfully before?
  2. The actions you used is your custom actions or published by others?
  3. If possible, please share the detailed codes of your actions (or your repository) with us, so that we check more details of your workflows and actions to analyze the root cause.



I think I might have the same issue here, the same action won’t work and I tried to revert any changes made since the last successful run to no avail.

The previous successful run failed when I triggered a re-run:

Looked into the log, realized that “pip3 not found” for my case, it was okay previously but apparently something had changed for alpine base images.