GitHub Actions failed with error: mmap: bad file descriptor

mmap: bad file descriptor occurred today. It’s wired that shows that everything is okay with GitHub.

Please fix this.

Error can be found here:


I forked your repository and tested on my side, however I did not reproduce the error on the step “Build dlc.dat file” as you reported. Every step in the workflow can work fine.

I also noticed that on the Actions tab of your repository, the latest run of the workflow is success, the step “Build dlc.dat file” also is success.

Looks like the problem is temporary, and it seems has gone on your side.
If I missed something, feel free to tell me.

Sorry for the negative alarm. The error was introduced by starlark-go. Details in here:


Yes, according to @IceCodeNew’s comments in that issue ticket, the issue has been fixed.