Github actions example workflow

Today I was trying out GitHub actions and initially tried out workflow example( which is documented here, it seemed simple enough and I didn’t expect it to fail but it did… Spent more time than I would like to admit on trying to find the issue of why this workflow failed on me but in the end I wasn’t able to solve it.

So my question is whether that example works in the first place or this was an error from my side?

To my knowledge, that workflow does work. What error message did you get when it failed?

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Hey, Nothing specific, it was just a generic error that task failed. I guess I just need to try it again with a fresh head someday…

Hi @jasius,

Wanted to check in and see if you were still getting that error with this. Let us know if you’re still having trouble!


Thank you for reaching out but unfortunately I haven’t had any free time as of late to try again.