Github Actions - Edit js files

Hello All,

I am rather new in GH and GH actions so forgive me if I am asking too much.

I need to find a way to create Editor comments in the scripts that have been changed, preferrable on Pull-Request. As a way to keep track what and when changes have been done to them.

Is that possible and if so can you provide a solution that I can alter to serve my requirement?
If so, is it possible to identify in the same workflow which parts (lines) of that scipt were changed?

Thank you in advance.

Are you asking how you can modify files with a GitHub Actions workflow and commit the changes?

That is what Git version control is for, isn’t it? I don’t see how this relates to GitHub Actions.

Ok maybe this part of my quesiton is a bit confusing.

Not everyone has access to the version control and I want to be able to keep track major changes automatically on the script for others to see it from different platfoms.

So I thought I can do that using GH Actions.

Sure, you could extract information from the Git history using a workflow and upload that information somewhere, or possibly write it into a file that you commit back to the repository.

I’m not sure how you define “major changes” and how it would be possible to determine whether a commit is considered major or not. Will you add something like [major] to the commit message? If not, then it would probably be better to maintain a CHANGELOG file manually and list all major changes there.

The actual extraction and processing of the information aren’t really GitHub Actions specific. You can write a Bash script locally for testing purposes and then paste that into a workflow step.

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