Github actions: dynamic name of the workflow with workflow_dispatch

Is there a way to change the name of the workflow during this workflow? For example, if you start a workflow manually using workflow_dispatch, then the name of that workflow (in the actions tab) will be the same all the time. And this is not informative.


Do you want to change the name of the workflow or provide a name for the specific run?

Hello @chrispat! Thanks for your reply. I want to provide a name of the specific run.


Anyone? I fill like it should be possible but can’t find how to :frowning:

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Am having a similar issue.
If workflow_dispatch is the trigger event (Manual workflow trigger), the runs of the workflow display the workflow name as the trigger message. This is not helpful to understand the runs. Instead, I would like to see the message of the commit which it picked.

I tried using the ${{ github.event.head_commit.message }} in the workflow name, but that did not work.

Please advise.


It would be great if we could change it dynamically during workflow, e.g including the release version in the title.


I agree, I would love this!

This would be great. All our test runs are dynamic based on the payload of the dispatch so all our tests look the same. Being able to change the title or add a suffix to the run at invocation would help greatly

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I would like it too.

This feature is very important. We need to identify our workflows with the name. When you run manually or using the API you can’t identify them.

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This should be a feature for all workflows, not just dispatch. I’d like to customize the name of the workflow run dynamically instead of just showing the commit that triggered it.

It doesn’t even show the workflow name ran in the list of all workflows. Makes it a lot less inuitive.

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A very important feature request. Clicking into hundreds of “Deploy” actions for individual lambdas in various environments is getting very tiresome!

I would love to be able to provide a custom name for a specific run. We use actions to deploy applications, and a quick glance at this page with the app name would be useful.

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I imagine that changing a workflow’s name in flight might be hard, but perhaps it would be easier to add something like a caption property to a workflow and allow this to get its value from a workflow input, something like:

name: run-test
        description: "Workflow caption:"
        required: false
        default: "HELLO WORLD!"
  caption:${{ github.event.inputs.caption }}


They are using this internally, check this one →

This workflow is a watcher, called “Branch watcher”, but whenever is triggered from an open PR, the name has been changed to the PR title, not “Branch watcher”.

This is a feature we are missing as well. We’re wiring ArgoCD up with GHA and so we need ArgoCD to tell GHA when a workflow should run (e.g. after an Application has synced). Not having the commit name in the workflow run title makes things less clear.


Any news with this topic?

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We also need this ability.
We automatically start the workflow with different inputs. To control what exactly started we really need to see with what inputs workflow is started.
The idea with ​​caption is also very good.

@brightran Please help add this feature to GitHub roadmap.

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Also missing this feature. Multiple manual run of the same workflow lead to identical messages. Wold like to have option to change name of particular run.