GitHub actions dont start anymore

When i started to use GitHub actions they worked fine.
But now, they dont start any more.

Repo location: GitHub - OpenHausIO/backend
Even my private workflows forks dont work/run.

Error message: This request was automatically failed because there were no enabled runners online to process the request for more than 1 days.


specifying runs-on: [ubuntu-18.04, ubuntu-latest] in the workflow means that the job is looking for a runner that satisfies both labels. Since ubuntu-latest points to 20.x at the moment, we do not have any hosted runners which satisfy both labels.

If you want to run the workflow job on an ubuntu-18.04 and ubuntu-latest runners, you’d have to include that in your matrix configuration: see here Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs for an example.

Otherwise chose either ubuntu-18.04 or ubuntu-latest.

Oh god, thank you very much.
I feel so dumb right now… -_-