Github Actions doesn't GET url


I am trying to connect to a URL when a push is made. The problem is that the action just keeps running and does not connect to the server.

I am new to Github actions, so here is my code:

name: SendURL

    branches: [ master ]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - name: Deploy Stage
      uses: fjogeleit/http-request-action@master
        url: 'http://193.138.42.XXX:41101/?OauthID=someID&project=someProject'
        method: 'GET'

The XXX in the IP is just to cover my actual IP.

The only this I need is that the action contacts the server and gives it the OauthID and project name.

For a possible bug in the action it might be better to raise an issue in the action repository, but if you just need to send a GET request to that URL you could simply use curl, like so:

      - name: Deploy Stage
        run: curl http://193.138.42.XXX:41101/?OauthID=someID&project=someProject

As your job runs-on ubuntu-latest runner, it is a GitHub Hosted runner which installed on Azure VMs . Is the url accessible through the internet? If not, your server could not contact with your server. You could consider to use a self-hosted runner if possible.