GitHub Actions doesn't always notice when I add steps to a workflow file

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Hi folks!

I absolutely love using GitHub Actions for my CI, though I’ve noticed a strange ghost in the machine that appears every now and then.

I have been working on building up a workflow file on my project, my workflow is triggered when I push to branches that have Pull Requests open against my default branch. I added a new step to a job in this commit (full workflow file However when I push, we can see in the logs that the step isn’t detected/run (we’re looking for the step name “Commit the edited metadata file”).

If I push a new commit (my next one was updating docs), then the checks successfully identifies the new step and runs it no problem - but I expected this to happen when the checks executed for the previous commit. Does anyone have any insight into why this might be happening?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a very reproducible problem, however it’s happened enough times that I’ve noticed it. Any info you may have would be very useful!


Hi @sgibson91,

Glad to see you in Github Community Forum!

I notice the workflow file is updated with the step ‘Commit the edited metadata file’, however in the workflow the step is not involved.

It seems like a bug and i have raised an internal ticket for confirmation, i will update once there is a response.


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