GitHub Actions does not respect [skip ci]

Thank you, @chrispat you are right that for the example I gave, we can drop the [ci skip] since GH Actions can’t trigger other Actions (unless you use a different token).

However, that was just one particular example. The general problem remains:

Squash merging where there may be any number of intermediary commits containing [ci skip] will cause any pull_request workflows not to trigger.

I’d have to imagine most teams would want a PR that happens to contain a commit in the beginning/middle of the PR with a message of fix changelog [skip ci] should still have its build artifacts built/deployed when the PR is merged.

We got lots of feedback from people that it was too much effort so we wanted to have built in support.

No problem with adding support … just give teams the ability to opt-out, when necessary.

Definitely needs a simple opt-in / opt-out per workflow file.

name: My workflow
skip_ci: true # or false

We run CI on pull requests and want to skip this sometimes, and a deploy workflow on push to specific branch names which happens after the PR is merged and the deploys are not being run now.

We also merge our feature branches into non-prod deploy branches outside of PRs and then they will not deploy once we push them.

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