GitHub Actions does not respect [skip ci]

Hi Github,

adding to the list of missing features/docs outlined in, I want to add that “[skip ci]”, which is respected by most CI solutions out there, is straight up ignored by GitHub.

So someone at github, please add this feature!


In the meantime I am using this: 

if: "! contains(toJSON(github.event.commits.*.msg), '[skip-ci]')"

Though I haven’t tested it yet. I am assuming it will work based on the documentation alone. 


Please add “[skip CI]” etc. to GitHub Actions.

Sometimes, for trivial commits, we don’t want to set off a load of build runners. 

I’m only using the GitHub Actions for open source where it’s free, but I would be annoyed to be required to use so many up.

Actually, I did recently create a private repo for testing security fixes for a projects, and it used up about 300 minutes per build (Linux and Mac, had to disable Windows as too expensive), and quickly burnt through the 2,000 minutes quota in just a few builds.

One project uses GitHub Actions, Travis CI and Appveyor. It looks quite silly when we use “[CI skip]” and Travis and Appveyor respect it, but there are 33 GitHub jobs!

Further, it’s bad for the environment to wastefully use server time.

Many other CIs let us skip builds:

Travis CI

The command should be one of the following forms:

[<KEYWORD> skip]


[skip <KEYWORD>]

where <KEYWORD> is either ci, travis, travis ci, travis-ci, or travisci.


Add [skip ci] or [ci skip] to commit message title and build won’t be triggered by AppVeyor for that commit. Or explicitly skip AppVeyor only with [skip appveyor] and still allow any other CI to build the commit (eg. Travis CI).


By default, CircleCI automatically builds a project whenever you push changes to a version control system (VCS). You can override this behavior by adding a [ci skip] or [skip ci] tag anywhere in a commit’s title or description. 


If your commit message contains [ci skip] or [skip ci], using any capitalization, the commit will be created but the pipeline will be skipped.

Semaphore CI

If you’d like your commit, or a series of commits that you’re pushing, to not trigger a build, just write [ci skip] or [skip ci] somewhere in your commit’s message.

Bitbucket Pipelines

If you don’t want to run a pipeline on a commit that would normally trigger one, you can include [skip ci] or [ci skip] anywhere in your commit message of the HEAD commit. Any commits that include [skip ci] or [ci skip] in the message are ignored by Pipelines.


We would definitely use this. Especially if the action updates the code and pushes it, this is critical to avoid infinite loops


Also would appreciate this feature

I too need this :slight_smile:

AndreaGriffiths11Any comments about this?

Thank you for your answer! 

You must use ‘message’ instead of ‘msg’ in order to make it work:

if: "! contains(toJSON(github.event.commits.*.message), '[skip-ci]')"

Here’s an example:

name: my CI github action

      - master

    if: "!contains(github.event.head_commit.message, 'skip ci')"
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

if the commit message contains “skip ci” it will, guess what, skip the CI action :smiley:


This is definitely something that is needed…please add! Tools like lerna that publish form CI often push a commit that you can format with [ci-skip]. This is commonly supported in other CI pipelines and without will trigger a recursive build. The options listed below aren’t great because a job / multiple jobs will actually start and show logging in the Actions console until they determine they are supposed to be skipped.

Definitely needed.

FWIW in the meantime we’ve had success with this:

      - name: Checkout repo
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Check last commit message
        id: skip
        uses: atlwendy/retrieve-commit-messages-from-pr@v2
      - name: Set SHOULD_RUN flag
        run: echo ::set-env name=SHOULD_RUN::${{ steps.skip.outputs.shouldRun }}
      - name: Set up Node
        uses: actions/setup-node@v1
        if: env.SHOULD_RUN == 'true'

That custom action will output theshouldRun value which will be true if skip ci or ci skip is found in the last commit message on the PR.


:+1: Would be really nice to have this out of the box.

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Yes definitely it is needed!

The github.event.head_commit.message might be available for the push event, but I don’t see it in the pull_request payload.


Any traction on this? I don’t see anything released related to it.

I opened

Feel free to react with a thumbs up to show your support so we can get traction.

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I created an action for that:
I hope it helps, but anyway it should be out of the box in my opinion!


GitHub Changelog on Twitter: “GitHub Actions: Skip pull request and push workflows with [skip ci]” / Twitter

@chrispat It’s great that GH finally has first class support for [ci skip], but it really should either be opt-in or opt-out.

We have workflow needs that has jobs run when a PR is opened, which can write new files/update old ones. This requires [ci skip].

But we also have jobs that run when the PR is merged. If we don’t manually edit out the squash merge commit to remove the [ci skip] (or if we forget) then those jobs do not run. It’d be nice to be able to choose with jobs respect the [ci skip] and which ones don’t.

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That was the model we had previously where you could use a condition on the job. We got lots of feedback from people that it was too much effort so we wanted to have built in support. One thing to consider is pushing files using the GitHub Actions token will not trigger any workflow runs so you don’t need to use [skip ci].