GitHub Actions: Continuous Integration Step 4: Read an Actions Logs

After completing “Step 3: Add your first test”, the bot asked me to “Read an Actions log” on Step 4 and comment the name of the test failed. I did that then I got a comment from bot “Reading failed logs” in that it was expecting the below error:

● Game › Game › Initializes with two players

expect(received).toBe(expected) // equality

Expected: "Nate"
Received: "Bananas"

  12 |     it('Initializes with two players', async () => {
  13 |       expect(game.p1).toBe('Salem')
> 14 |       expect(game.p2).toBe('Nate')
     |                       ^
  15 |     })
  16 | 
  17 |     it('Initializes with an empty board', async () => {

  at Object.toBe (__test__/game.test.js:14:23)

But I received some other error, which is

Could you please check this and help me I tried it 4-5 times and getting the same error


Got exactly the same error

Basically the problem is that you have to either remove done callback or Promise, and done is required to complete the step in github ci and move to the next learning step, so you cannot remove it and as far as I understand(I am JS noob :smiley: ) promise will be returned every time by the test function so the test kind of stucks here.

Maybe someone with more js expertise could help…