GitHub Actions: Continuous Integration Step 18

Have progressed though the course all the way to step 18 where I have too add a rule to main for protection then approve a pull request. I have done all of that yet no further instructions appear or confirmation of course completion happens?

Apparently I can only upload 1 screenshot per post so I can’t provide further context via pictures so ya

Hello @dsmith013. It appears the bot failed to respond, however you have completed the final step in the course. Congratulations! I have manually marked that step as completed. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Hi. I have the same problem with @dsmith013 at step 18 as well. Is there any way I can get pass this? Thank you

@lmkeston I stuck at this step too. Even though I enable the branch protection rule already but it looks like the bot is not responding.

I guess it was my mistake when I was supposed to approve the PR, not merging it. So now as I didn’t approve the PR but merged it, the bot is not responding at all. What could I do next?