GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery with AWS, stuck on step 6: Approve pull request

Apologies if this has been brought up before elsewhere; I tried to search for this specific issue and haven’t found anything.

I have been trying to work through the GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery with AWS course a few times now, and I have gotten stuck on Step 6: Review pull request each time. I am able to review the PR and mark it as approved, and the github-learning-lab bot merges the PR automatically as expected, but there is no new PR or issue created, and there is no comment on the merged PR with links to “next steps”.

Here is a link to the PR:

One thing that keeps happening that isn’t according to plan: I have merge conflicts between the working branches and master because of differences in package-lock.json, so I have been pulling down the copy from master and pushing it to my working branch to resolve those conflicts. That hasn’t prevented me from completing stage 4 (Merge the staging workflow), but I thought I’d mention it just in case that could be the cause of my issues, and to see if you have any suggestions.

I know there were some performance issues with pull requests and GitHub actions yesterday evening, but even this morning when GitHub status shows all good, I’m seeing the same behavior.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Hi @andpberr a got the same problem. Did you able to solve the problem?

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Hi @andpber and @neylorsousa! Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve opened an issue in the course repository so we can try to get this bug fixed sooner rather than later.