GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery with AWS: Missing a cleanup step in the end

A minor feedback that at the end of this course, please remind the learners to terminate the following AWS resources:

  • IAM
  • S3 Bucket
  • Lambda

@haokanga Thank you for point this out to us! I will pass this feedback along so we can implement a friendly reminder at the end of the course :smile:

Hello, I have noticed the same problem. I was wondering if there are other resources that have to be cleaned up, for example I found a CloudFormation stack that was created and a API Gateway configured.

Should they be deleted? Are there other resources that have been implicitly created?

I’m new to AWS and in general to cloud provider environments and I want to be sure that there are no active resources left that can consume credit :sweat_smile:

@fmonaco96 if those are associated with the course, you can remove them after it is completed. We may have to wait for @mattdavis0351 to let us know for sure if those are used.